Monday, 15 November 2010

Getting to know us

Let me introduce myself, my name is Nadene and I, along with my partner Mark have developed a passion for gardening and growing our own food over the past two years. This new obsession has partnered nicely with our long term fine food and fresh produce addiction. My garden began in two wine barrels, one for tomatoes, and one for herbs, along with a few pots for strawberries attached to the fence which was not just a great way of claiming space, but had the added bonus of being out of reach of puppies with good taste.

Baxter the chilled out Labrador

When the opportunity arose for us to move from our cossie inner west semi-detached home with a tiny yard to a large backyard in what I jestingly refer to as a rural area in comparison, my first thoughts were ‘where can we construct the vegie patch?’ and, ‘we’ll have room for a hen house’.

In our old yard I was the gardener, but with the construction of a 5m x 2m veggie patch not long after we moved in to our new place, Mark has developed a green thumb. Last season after reading lots, watching every gardening show we could find, and spending far too much time and money at the nursery we decided to give just about everything a go.

This season we have decided to grow a smaller variety of vegies and concentrate on successive planting, after we discovered what worked, and what struggled in our new veggie garden. The plan is to have a continuous supply of vegies, a goal that is much easier to achieve in the warmer months as we have learnt in our first year here-boy has it flown!

This blog is our way of recording what works in our garden, and what we need to improve on for the next growing season. And you can also read a bit about the our dogs, chickens (yes, I found a spot for them), and our food adventures in the kitchen and at restaurants.
Jet the Kelpie x Doberman guard dog

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