Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Healthy Life

I say the 'healthy life', and not the 'simple life', which seems to be the latest catch phrase, because looking after two gorgeous yet mischievous dogs, maintaining a veggie garden and keeping chickens is not so simple when you try to do it around a full time job, it is however definitely worth the effort-and we haven't even had our first egg yet.

My chick-a-dees

Mischievous Baxter the Labrador sniffing  to seeif the tomatoes are ripe for the taking

That said, boy am I grateful for these Christmas holidays which provided a great opportunity to work in the veggie garden, and harvest tomatoes, beetroots, carrots, cucumbers, zucchinis and 5kg of potatoes. The treats we dished up in the kitchen from these ingredients were amazing, but sadly I was far too keen to eat them before there was any chance of photography. To name a few of our kitchen creations, Mark made delicious home-made tomato sauce which included home grown chilli and rosemary, and I made zucchini and tomato muffins, and baked beetroot chips. I'm still enjoying tomatoes and cucumbers in some way or another for lunch just about every day, and it feels great to be able to eat something that we've grown everyday, not to mention that it tastes way better than any store bought stuff. That said, I wouldn't mind if Sydney got some of the rain that has been predicted for this week (this week, please not this weekend) because things are looking pretty dry.

Tomato glut

The plan for this weekend is to plant a whole heap of seedlings, but with Saturday already devoted to the great annual Hydro-Derby, a long Sunday out in the garden may not result in all the seeds I want to plant  ending up in the ground...I'll let you know how I go.

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