Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I am a woman, on a mission

Yes, the song has been going through my head all day and all night long. I am on a mission, I've got a plan that I'm sticking to, and I'm feeling stronger than ever.

Today has been a great day, I got to the office, took my laptop out of it's protective sleeve whilst resting it on my forearm, and all of a sudden felt a little 'pop' which was my bicep muscle flexing. I had forgotten how good that feeling was! Not to mention the sheer joy of seeing results after just four visits to Contours. So tonight I increased the weights I'm lifting by one plate on all the machines. I'm also making a serious effort to push myself harder on the cardio stations as there are only 15 days to go until the big 7km Sun Run.

My plan after the gym was to get myself home without the car by means of interval training. Interval training involves walking for a certain amount of time and then running for a while before walking again. This was a realistic goal since the hill just before my street is a killer and I don't know when I'll be able to run up it. I was shocked as I set 'goal posts' to run to and managed to run past them. It felt great, and I was right on track until I asked a gentleman who lives just before the big hill if the fruits on his tree were mangoes. Indeed they were mangoes, and one of many trees that he and his wife had planted from seed.

This lovely man made my day by showing me around his garden that didn't just have mango trees, but also figs, passionfruits, and a coffee tree. They are all produce that I've wanted to grow but figured we didn' have the right conditions in our area to produce fruit. But we do! Jerry very kindly sent me home with some coffee tree and Dahlia cuttings that he just tore off his plants as he showed me around. So I ran home with these plants, stuck them in a pot of soil and watered them. Then as I was tending to my succulent garden it dawned on me that I probably looked like some silly lady that had just stolen plants out of someone's garden and was trying to make a getaway.  

I'm loving this new found energy that is enabling me to do things after work. I haven't felt this good in years; the combination of accupuncture, probiotics and herbal tonics has made me well enough to exercise and I'm starting to feel like myself again....the bad news; I seriously need new runners before I do myself an injury.

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