Saturday, 15 January 2011

The need to plant vegetable seeds leads my thoughts to those in Queensland

So with the Pittwater hydro-derby last week, two very sick boys on my hands on Saturday and one very hungover boy on Sunday, the plan to get planting vegetable seeds for the coming seasons did not come to fruition last Sunday. I should be planting some seeds later today as the humidity subsides.

With the talk of food prices going up as a result of the flood tragedies happening in Queensland at the moment, it is a some what settling thought that our house won't be as demanding on the food production industry in Australia as some others will be. That said, I think now is a time for everyone to appreciate what they have, make more of an effort not to waste anything as people in Queensland are struggling to get what we now consider as basics, and do what we can to lend a hand. Whether that be by making a financial contribution,  donating clothes that you really don't need, or by being more wary of buying Australian and not turning to imported food during these times, it all makes a difference.
Queensland, our thoughts are with you.

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