Sunday, 27 February 2011

All work and no play makes Nadsy a tired girl

There has been lots going on at work these last few weeks and consequently my exercise program has gone out the window. I've been running on adrenalin and my energy levels are drained. So after doing a few odd jobs in the new office today, I got home, ate lunch at afternoon tea time and went for a bike ride. It was the second best thing I've done all week, the first being a perfect Thursday twilight sail on Pittwater that was the therapy I desperately needed and the only thing that got me through Friday.

So hopefully my Sunday bike ride is the perfect start to a good week. Now that things at work should calm down a fair bit it is time for me to get back to my exercise routine.....which means I need to get out of bed nice and early tomorrow (despite it being dark when the alarm goes off these days) in order to get home early in the afternoon and go for a ride. And some how or another I need to come up with an exercise plan/routine that survives the test of a very long day at work.

......still no eggs from Fry, but since she is an escape artist she could be hiding them some where.

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