Saturday, 19 February 2011

I have a bike!

Ok, so I've owned my bike since primary school, but I haven't ridden for 4, maybe 5 years. Yes I did a lot of stationary bike riding at Contours in preparation for the Sun Run, but I'd forgotten how great it is to ride around the neighbourhood admiring everyones' gardens and enjoying the wind in my hair.

I must admit, my riding skills are very shaky and I need to learn how to use the gears properly, they were pretty much redundant when I rode around my flat childhood home, but now I have a pretty good hill to climb in order to get home from anywhere.

How much of a cyclist am/was I? I hear you ask. Well, lets just say when I rang Pedal Plus yesterday to see if my bike was ready and they asked me what sort it was, my answer was "ah, it's a red mountain bike". And after riding it home and parking it out the front I would have to go and look at the writing down the side to tell you what brand it is. Honestly, after 5 years of not being on a bike my focus was on not stacking it, and not getting run over by a car. But things can only get better. If I can complete a 7km run in 28 degrees of heat with only 16 days preparation, anything is possible....and now I'm one step closer to a mini triathlon.

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