Saturday, 19 February 2011

Rip, lick, suck, bite

Thurday night was an A.MAZ.ING night, the best fun I've had in a very long time!

A small group of us went to a Wok + Wine night together. The man who runs these events moved to New York and found that trying to meet people in bars wasn't so successful, so like anyone would do, he came up with the concept of eating prawns and drinking wine with a group of strangers. Forty people pay forty dollars each to share forty pounds of delicious prawns and forty bottles of quality wine. The result is a night to remember.

The venue for these events is always sourced last minute from people who offer great spaces to enjoy a great night. And not knowing exactly where you are going until 24 hours before the event just adds to the excitement, not to mention that the venue we walked in to just had us all saying wow, and pausing to take in all the visual cues that the space contained.

So, when the night got started forty of us all stood around a massive table that was made from reclaimed timber, and covered with news paper where we were encouraged to leave our meat free prawn heads and tails. That's where the rip, lick, suck, bite came in as we were shown how to eat a prawn properly and savour the sweet prawn head meat by sucking it out of the shell. As we enjoyed Wild Rock Sauvignon Blanc our tastebuds were tempted by the aroma of prawns cooking in a massive wok. Once cooked the prawns were theratrically poured down the table on to banana leaves.

We all dug in to working out how to get the prawn meat out of the head, with the more successful people showing others how it was done, which just got conversations flowing. It was so good getting down to primal instincts, eating with our hands, mingling with strangers, and filling up each other's wine glasses.
And, when the time came that there were no prawns left, and one or two people commented on how big my shell pile was compaired to everyone elses out came pineapple slices and lemoncello that was so smooth and delicious, you could easily pour it down your throat, and if you were my boyfriend you may have been spotted doing just that.

I think I can safely say that everyone who was at that night can't wait for the next time it happens in Sydney, and will check out the website when we are planning our travels, just in case Wok + Wine is visiting New Zealand or New York when we are there. We wouldn't want to miss it.

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  1. guess what, i actually saw a page on facebook dedicated to this event with a splash of photos from the night - of course i managed to spot you and Niamh. looked amazing :) and i'd better be there for next year! :p

    V xox