Sunday, 13 February 2011

What a weekend

Contortionist at Crystal Boudoir Cabaret
As far as weekends go, I don't think they can get much better than this one, that is sadly and slowly coming to a close. I think I might need a weekend to recover from this weekend that has been full of celebrations.

On Friday night Mark and I had the pleasure of attending an old sailing friend's wedding. She had both the ceremony and the reception at Pilu on Freshwater, where it was lovely catching up with friends that we hadn't seen in years-I see a need for me to plan a BBQ in the not too distant future. The wedding venue and catering was wonderful, but the really amazing part was the obvious admiration that the couple had for each other after 10 years of being together. After the wedding we all moved on to The Boatshed at Manly which isn't the fanciest venue, however, the live music which included jazz and classic rock had me stuck on the dance floor-I may have had a slightly worried boyfriend when the rest of the group re-gathered and I was no where to be seen since a shorty can easily disappear when she is dancing and singing at front row centre stage. The only problem is I don't know the name of this band, and I seriously want to see them perform again....probably not when I'm wearing my favourite dress as seen below though, that much dancing isn't kind on any outfit.

Diane von Furstenberg dress, Fossil watch, vintage bag, Kagui shoes

On Saturday I had to back it all up again for my friend's hens, which saw me suck down a bottle of sparkling mineral water before jumping on the vodka jelly shot band wagon at lunch time. It was a great day, and night spent with some really great ladies, well, at least we were lady like at some points. We all enjoyed a Hens Treasure Hunt  in The Rocks before sitting down for dinner at GPO and a Cabaret Show that blew me away.

So today, after a sleep over at my friends house and cuddles from the cutest little bear  in the world (my friend's poodle cross that thinks he is a Labrador), I went and picked up my mountain bike from my Dad's place and squeezed it in to the back of my incredibly spacious Swifty. I drove home with a big grin on my face, hoping to drop my bike off at the local bike shop for repairs, but alas, that will have to wait until tomorrow as they are closed on Sundays. The effort of picking up my bike, and planning to get it fixed (it hasn't been ridden for probably 4 years, the breaks need replacing, and I don't know how to begin describing what is going on with the gears) makes me feel a little, OK, a lot less guilty about my complete lack of training last week. It is easy to blame that on how hectic things have been at work, but honestly, with a lot more organisation I should be able to fit in a minimum of three exercise sessions this week.

To top off a perfect weekend I ran a bath with a few chamomile flowers in it and read a Harpers Bazaar magazine that was my present to myself after surviving the Sun Run on Saturday. But wait, it gets better, whilst soaking in a beautiful relaxing bath my boyfriend surprised me with a tasting of fresh home made bread that was hot out of the oven, AND home made bacon that was still cooling after he removed it from the smoker. These delicacies also made an appearance at dinner.

Lamb, peas, home made bacon and home made bread

Well, now that I've recorded my awesome weekend I'm going to go back to lying on the lounge and enjoying my family hug....that's where Jet squeezes in between Mark and I for a cuddle and Baxter lies on my feet....

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