Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Heston Impression

After a long build up, and lots of anticipation Mark and I made our way to the State Theatre on Tuesday night, excited about listening to Heston Blumenthal tell us about his creations, and looking forward to getting a sneak peak into his mind and the amazing ways in which it works. For those of you who don't know Heston Blumenthal (I'm still in shock), he is described as an alchemist. In essence, he is a bloody great cook with a very inquisitive mind that pushes the boundaries and creates things that are out of this world.

At his show 'Heston Blumenthal-Out of the Kitchen' we were treated to wonderful animations that made you feel like you were dining at The Duck. Heston takes inspiration from history, and as such turns his dining experiences in to a theatre production, like dining was before the days of TV. At one point in the show the audience was treated to a little sneak peak of what to expect with Heston's new dessert course which will soon be served at The Fat Duck. Again, we watched an amazing animation (inspired by two of my favourite kids movies) which started with a theme song that I instantly recognised and was taken to another world, then the narration led me down a path, conjuring up smells of strawberries and cream, I was 'like a kid in a sweet shop'.

Since the show, I have cooked a delicious chicken and leek soup in our pressure cooker, which Heston encouraged by telling the audience to always make stocks in a pressure cooker to keep in all the aroma and flavour, and as I type on this wet, grey day Mark is making home made chicken stock in the pressure cooker...I can't wait for the risotto that he makes me with this stock. Naturally, Mark has perfected his risotto by reading Heston's book.

Heston Blumenthal is such an amazing person with so much energy and enthusiasm, that you can't help but be engulfed by it. The theatre just had this buzz about it that generated from Heston and filled the room. As I left the show I wondered if in 100 years time people will think of Heston Blumenthal in the same way as we now think of those great people in history like Mozart and van Gogh.

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