Tuesday, 10 May 2011

How time flies

Some how I disappeared from blog land, and diary entries for over a month. I knew it must have been some time, because my desire to write down my thoughts, and daily experiences was unbelievably strong last week, which was a time when I was writing every day, and wanting to post, but I was completely cut off from the technological world. Perhaps this is why I felt like writing so much. I had the time to slow down, get enough sleep (an average of about 10 hours a night), and enjoy all the smaller, finer things in life.

The beautiful pair that visited us one perfect morning.
The Easter holidays gave me the opportunity to take off a few extra days from work, and have a little holiday escape with Mark. We spent time on the water, up Coal and Candle Creek, where the true beauty of the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park can really be enjoyed. By day we observed eagles and jumping fish, had a few shore ventures where we saw goannas, and enjoyed a well deserved lunch at Bobbin Head after a long bush walk from Winson Bay, which we then back tracked to return to the boat for the night. Whilst the long bushwalk was great for the soul, and cabin fever, what really sits with me from this day is one's ability to trust a complete stranger.

After rowing to shore, and walking for some time Mark and I realised that the only thing we didn't pack was a wallet, and we seriously needed to eat something in order to have the energy to get back to the boat safely. We arrived at the Bobbin Head Inn, and rather embarrassingly I had to speak to the owner of the cafe, admit that I had forgotten to pack a wallet, and request if we could pay for our meal by giving the cashier my credit card details (yes, I do have all those numbers committed to memory). Spirros (the boss) was very willing to do this, however, he, and his staff did not know how to make the eftpos machine work to complete such a function. Yet, instead of leaving us in a pickle, Spirros simply asked "Do you live close by?" to which our response was "Yes", and he told us to come and settle the bill when we could in the next few days. The fact that there is still someone in the world willing to go out on a limb and trust a complete stranger like that really touched me, and luckily we were able to get to his restaurant before they closed that night to settle our bill. I'm sure the food just tasted that much better because of his genorousity. We will definately be going back next time we are in the area.

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