Sunday, 15 May 2011

Wohoo, we have eggs!

First home grown eggs.

Months ago I promised a good friend of mine, that often asks about my chickens, that when we got our first egg I would pick up Fry, and take a photo with her and her first egg-sorry V, there is no photo of Fry, her egg and I, but I'm pretty certain today's find wasn't her first egg.

For some time now Fry has been disappearing in the garden and clucking away, yet her hiding place is so dense in folage that we can not find her eggs in there. So, yesterday we escape proofed the chicken run, so the girls can no longer free range when ever they feel like it, every day. The main reason for this was to make sure we don't miss out on any more eggs, and secondary, the girls have been helping themselves to the veggie garden, and making a mess of the rest of the garden having dust baths everywhere. Naturally, the girls will be allowed to free range on weekends when we're home to supervise.

So, after the girls were kept in their run last night, I went up to change the coop bedding this afternoon and was thoroughly surprised to find an egg in the laying box. I picked up the first egg and made a big fuss of Fry, telling her what a clever girl she is-the neighbours must think I'm a nutter. Then I shared the excitement, running down the back steps, through the back door and beating along the floor boards with Jet and Baxter under toe screaming "Marky, we have an egg! Fry laid an egg!".

The excitement was unexplainable, and I can't explain how much I'm looking forward to super fresh fried eggs for breakfast tomorrow morning. They are much smaller than stall bought free range organic eggs, but I can't wait to see what is on the inside.

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  1. this is awesome Nads!! great to see that fry has finally laid eggs! you must be absolutely egg-cited!!!and im thoroughly honoured to be mentioned in your blog too! ;) haha