Saturday, 27 August 2011


I recently signed up to the gym (can't afford it, but I bought it) and my first goal is to run 9km without walking. Problem is my training has been plagued with sickness and dodgy hips.

Jet was a great training partner this morning and managed to pull me through many 5 minute runs with 5 minute recoveries, but at this stage I should be running 20 minutes non-stop. I'm trying to be positive, but realistically I think I'm going to be seriously disappointed when I attempt a 20 minute jog tomorrow morning.

So, time for an attitude adjustment. My new goal is to run as far and as often as I can whilst keeping myself keen on the whole idea of running. To achieve this I just need to keep putting runs on the board and building up the kilometers, whilst being smart enough not to injure myself. That is easier said than done for someone who enjoys muscle burn after a workout.

The good news? After hating running all through my school years I'm starting to enjoy it, AND I ran up an awful hill this morning, so I'm taking baby steps in the right direction.

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