Friday, 12 August 2011


After trying all but one of the gyms close to home a few months ago I have been desperately waiting for a deal email to come around that would give me the opportunity to trial Vision Personal Training. Right when I had given up on the prospect of seeing the deal I wanted most, the email came in, and within seconds my sister and best friend forwarded the deal to me. You could be thinking "ouch, that isn't a subtle way to tell someone to exercise" but I had been telling these two wonderful ladies how much I wanted to try Vision for months.

Now in my second week I have had four personal training sessions with a trainer that couldn't be better suited to my needs, and I attempted to participate in Run Club. Unfortunately my lack of fitness and complete inability to deal with the cold meant that the group ended up a long way in front of me, but everyone has to start somewhere. Run club helped me realise that I hate running because I suck at it, particularly compared to others and Jen my personal trainer has taught me (well, she is still trying to teach me) not to be so tough on could call me competitive. Jen has also managed the impossible and has me out of bed and at the gym at 6:30am in winter, that is a massive feat for someone who must of had a previous life as a bear.

Tomorrow morning I will try to get up and go boxing at 7am on a Saturday morning. I must admit that getting up early in the morning isn't easy at the moment, it is cold and dark and after three 6:30am training sessions this week I am ready for a sleep in.

I am loving the fact that I couldn't get my legs to pedal any faster on the bike this morning, and that my abs hurt a little when I laughed yesterday after doing resistance training on Wednesday. Changes are happening :-)

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