Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Swimming Season

Baxter laughing at 9 hot people sitting around a lunch table whilst he is cooling off in the pool
Last Thursday the sun was out and it was beautiful and warm in Sydney, it felt like spring had finally kicked in. I was looking at the pool thinking that in a week or so the water would be warm enough to swim in, and a few minutes later when I was tending to the chickens I heard a splash. Baxter had decided that it was already warm enough to go swimming.

Sunday came along and reached a steamy 30°C when we had family over for a birthday lunch. I love spring and summer, but it takes my body a few days to adjust to the heat, so while I was struggling and drinking  lots of water Boo (aka Baxter) was just chilling out in the pool. Looking outside today it is hard to believe that was only three days ago because this morning it has been raining, the sky is so grey and overcast you could be forgiven for thinking you were in London, and the southerly change that came through yesterday afternoon has brought the temperature right back down to 19°C. The good part of that is that I can put my trendy Wellies on to keep my feet nice and warm.

Warm happy feet in my funky Wellies

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