Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Artichokes from Bud to Harvest

One morning early last week I was feeling exhausted so I went out to the veggie garden with Mark's camera to get energised. I spotted some new silver leaves on one of the artichoke plants and thought I'd raise my arms well above my head and take a photo to see if there was anything growing in there. Seeing this little beauty was a great surprise, and made me feel less silly for 'pointing and shooting' in hope.

Artichoke bud growing in the new silver foliage

Through pure luck the artichoke plants are growing in succession and are proving to be rather productive whilst looking glamorous at the same time. That said, Mark hasn't mastered the art of  making a home grown, home peeled artichoke look pretty, but he sure made them taste good with a spot of butter and garlic.

First harvest of artichokes

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