Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Baxter has a hangover

I went for a run this afternoon and left the boys (my two dogs) inside the house whilst I was out. Unfortunately I managed to forget about the Christmas cake that was brought home and placed on the kitchen table last night. So when I got home after being out for less than an hour I had two seriously hyperactive dogs. At first I thought they were overexcited about me being back home, but when I walked in to the kitchen the picture started to unfold.

On the kitchen floor there was red cellophane, and there was more red cellophane and aluminium foil out the back. It took me a while to peace everything together, but then I realised that Baxter's nose had gotten him in trouble once again, and after sniffing out the fruit and rum laced cake he couldn't ignore the temptation any longer. So he took advantage of the situation and helped himself to $50 worth of Christmas cake. Bloody Labradors, you can't help but love them, but boy can they get up to mischief.

Needless to say the dogs have been locked outside for the rest of the afternoon, and since they very rarely get in trouble they aren't dealing with the punishment so well. During the earlier stages of the afternoon Baxter was looking rather chirpy as he often has a few sips of Mark's wine, beer, rum or whisky, and has a great appreciation of how good a champagne cork tastes (note, I do not condone this). Jet on the other hand is the black sheep of the family and really only shows interest in champagne corks, so with his lack of conditioning he was staggering slightly whilst trying to balance on three legs and scratch at the door with one hand to be let back in the house. I have to confess that I laughed at him struggling to walk straight or even stand still.

A few hours later and the tables have turned, Jet has come out the other side of his drinking experience nicely. Whilst Baxter is passed out on the pavers looking a lot like his Daddy did a few Sundays ago. I'm just hoping that everything that was consumed that shouldn't have been passes through both their systems quickly and we don't need a trip to the vet.

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