Monday, 14 November 2011

"Blogging is just graffiti with grammer"

A few weeks ago we saw the movie Contagion. At first I wasn't really interested in seeing it as the trailers weren't that impressive, but then I heard a movie review from a reviewer that I respect and decided to give it a go. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story line and characters were well developed, the cinematography was fresh and new with a strong focus on how people connect with one another and the world around us.

The movie has a star studded cast including virologist Kate Winslet, virus carrier Gweneth Paltrow, husband and father Matt Damon and blogger Jude Law. There weren't many moments during this film that I laughed, however, the scenes where an official was trying to get through to this blogger that he was some what responsible for the hysteria sweeping across the world did make me  laugh. Lines such as "You're not a journalist, you're a blogger", "If I could lock up your computer I would" and my favourite; "Blogging is just graffiti with grammar" made me think.

"Blogging is just graffiti with grammar" doesn't apply to everyone, there are lots of people out there who have a total disregard for grammar. Only recently one of my friends set up a blog, and after his first post I emailed him saying something along the lines of "I love your looks great..your first post is great. USE SPELL CHECK!..and please read over what you have written before you post". We are all human, and the majority of us aren't professional writers or copy editors, mistakes creep in (no doubt in some form of irony I've overlooked something in this post) but we really should make an effort to write to the very best of our abilities. Which brings me to my motivators for starting this blog, firstly I wanted to have a visual journal but couldn't bring myself to printing so many photos, and secondly, I felt the need to write as I became aware that writing emails at work was not enough to keep a skill (that I had developed through too many years of study) at it's best. The days of email and SMS have led us to forget the efforts that were once put in to creating a hand written letter to send to a loved one, and how they were carefully drafted as you couldn't simply press backspace. Now I feel like putting pen to paper.

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