Monday, 28 November 2011

Brother Albert, Newport

The first time we went to Brother Albert at Newport was for lunch. Mark and I had the Ultimate Chilli Cheese Dog from the specials board and it was amazing! With an authentic frankfurter sausage, sourkraut, chilli jam and mustard this was unlike any hot dog we had ever had, and it jump started our appreciation for this tiny courtyard cafe.

We have been back a few times since, and always enjoy our meals at Brother Albert, so my weekend breakfast of Corned Beef Hash with caramelised onion and capsicum was delicious (as expected) , but I have to admit to food envy for Mark's egg and chorizo hotpot which I was considering ordering myself. One taste of it wasn't enough.

Egg and chorizo hotpot

We shared a passionfruit smoothie which was absolutely delicious, with just the right amount of good quality vanilla ice cream to give it the perfect texture, and then finished our meal off with coffees. Here I should mention that Brother Albert is one of a handful of cafes in Sydney where I will buy coffee; as an infrequent coffee drinker I'm a complete caffeine snob and will only drink the best coffee made with quality beans and at the hand of a skilled barista. These guys really have a passion for great coffee and you can taste it. The best news, Mark and I left with very full and happy tummies, and received very friendly service all for less than $40. We then enjoyed a lovely stroll along Newport Beach and ticked some gift shopping off the list. Brother Albert comes highly recommended.

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