Thursday, 10 November 2011

Giant Gorillas

Mum and Bub

In the wild Gorillas typically live in packs that consist of one dominant male with multiple females and babies, and this is how the family at Taronga Zoo Sydney live. The male of this family is massive, and must weigh close to 300kgs, then there is a Mum with a gorgeous 8 month old baby that clings to her, and is only just starting to explore the ground by herself. And my favourite was one little guy who strolled around on his back legs like a three year old would.

You can almost see the King Gorilla's thoughts from his facial expressions. The images below are from one series of shots that Mark managed to capture.

What are you talking about?


Oh, I get it

Yes, I get it now

Haha, that is funny

Then there's the younger guys who after running around trying to beat each other to the prized watermelon, just want to chill out.

Just chilling

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