Friday, 18 November 2011

The Atlantic

Window display at The Atlantic

I'm in Melbourne South Wharf for a conference this week (thus I haven't been writing much and I'm missing my little 'outlet'), and Mark has been left at home to look after the animals-word has it the girls are already laying less eggs than usual. Mark has had so little to do with them I think both he and the chickens must be in shock. And it isn't just the chickens that are in shock, Jet has me in disbelief. Apparently it reached 38°C in Sydney on Monday, and even Jet was happy for Mark to put him in the pool, I thought I'd never see the day….and I haven't yet.

On Tuesday my colleague arrived in Melbourne so we headed towards the Crown to find somewhere to have a nice, inexpensive dinner, but when we walked past the window (photo above) we couldn't help but look at the menu. And after we looked at the menu we really wanted to taste the food, so we vouched to have one course only and stay within budget. Boy was is worth it.

At The Atlantic restaurant, which is situated in the Crown building, I had blue eye with leeks, fennel, mushrooms and Victorian truffles that came to the table in a parchment bag. The waiter then cut open the bag and when he saw my enthusiasm to take in all those aromas he lifted the plate closer to my noise and moved it in a circular pattern to release the mouth watering aroma in to the air even more. It smelt amazing and tasted even better as it just fell apart on my fork and melted in my mouth.

My friend had saffron crusted fish that was a bright, visual delight, not to mention delicious. I love it when I'm out and people want to share the flavours of their meal as much as I do. After struggling to decide between mash and thrice roasted potatoes, the waiter strongly recommended the mashed potato, and we're sure glad he did. It was the creamiest, smoothest mashed potato I've ever had (I don't want to think about how much butter and cream was in there) and the addition of nutmeg made it really special.

Saffron crusted fish
The Somelier was also very helpful and recommened a delicious Ganang from Spain after I asked if a Vivid white wine would be able to compete with the mushrooms and truffle. It was a perfect match. I'm pleased to say that I have gone to a great restaurant in Melbourne during my short and very demanding stay here.

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