Friday, 25 November 2011

Kitchen Garden Goal

Dinner harvest  of dill, zucchinis, parsley and grape tomatoes

At the moment we are trying to have something from the veggie garden incorporated in to every dinner. Last night it was all the herbs, and a few nights ago it was a side of baby zucchinis and grape tomatoes that of course, were cooked with herbs.

Baby zucchinis and grape tomatoes with snags (sausages), and a parcel of home made herb bread in silver foil

I also cooked up a frittata yesterday in a desperate attempt to use the eggs that weren't consumed during my absence. It will be my lunch staple for the next few days as I just found out that Mark isn't a fan of frittata. Who would have known after ten years he can still surprise me with things like that. Sadly the mushrooms, bacon and cream in the frittata did not come from the garden, but I am looking into mushroom kits and I'll keep dreaming for the day when we can grow and make our own ham, prosciutto and dairy products.

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