Monday, 7 November 2011

Tiny Tomatoes

With all these green cherry tomatoes and yellow flowers in the veggie garden it is hard not to get excited. I find them so beautiful, but perhaps this fascination is driven deeper by the fact that I can almost taste the sweet, earthy flavour of these juicy tomatoes just by looking at them.

So much promise

Delicious goodness trying to hide

One plant with fruits at many different stages

The first ripe cherry tomato

I almost got to taste the first ripe tomato, but Mark beat me to it as I was waiting for it to be perfectly ripe. I guess I'm lucky that he captured it above only moments before it disappeared in his mouth. I did have the second ripe cherry tomato early this morning though, and I have a keen eye on the next two that should be ready tomorrow afternoon if it is another warm day like today which hit 28ÂșC before a storm came through. The forecast is the same for tomorrow, so hopefully there is enough rain to give the garden a deep soaking.

The other thing that is exciting me about tomatoes at the moment is that I encouraged two of my colleagues (one who claims to kill everything) to grow tomatoes, and on Melbourne Cup day they were telling me with so much enthusiasm about their tomato plants. Growing veggies is so rewarding.

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