Friday, 9 December 2011


Before the cold snap began in Sydney we harvested a handful of blueberries off one of the small shrubs in the front garden.

An odd number of freshly picked what? 

 I hadn't realised how quickly the blueberries had ripened over the previous few days, and we were lucky that Baxter and his keen nose didn't beat us to the taking.

Blueberries smell great through a Labrador nose

When Mark was picking these beautiful, delicious little parcels of explosive flavour we both did our best not to eat them before a photo was taken as proof that we have had our first berry harvest for the season. It did feel a little surreal enjoying such a treat whilst wearing a hoodie, but that is proof of how crazy Sydney's weather is at the moment. Fingers crossed the sun will come out tomorrow and help some more blueberries thrive.


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