Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Clashing Prints with Colour

I'm slowly developing confidence with my outfits, as it seems my sudden change in lifestyle has helped me remember the bright, bubbly person I am, and I'm starting to express it through my clothes. I'm having lots of fun in the process.

A MASSIVE confidence boost happened today when the King of Pajamas, Peter Alexander told me he liked my outfit! I saw Peter at the Chatswood Chase store visit and was surprised by how approachable and down to earth he was with everyone. Simply speaking with him was enough to make a positive impact on my day, and I'm never going to forget that someone who makes amazing clothes for a living commented on my outfit.

Ben Sherman jacket and jumper, Paper Scissors skirt, Kagui heels

As you can see, I've added colour to the pattern clashing. My scarf and blue Kagui shoes are my favourite items of clothing right now. And if you are reading this from around the globe thinking I'm nuts because it is summer in Australia and there is no way I should need a scarf, it isn't me who is nuts, it is Mother Nature. Sydney has experienced yet another cold and rainy day that was lucky to reach 20C. Let me tell you, this lizard is in desperate need of sunshine.

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