Monday, 26 December 2011

Family Christmas

This year my Christmas schedule had major adjustments, and I'm so glad they did, as they meant that I got to spend quality time with all of my family members, which is something I haven't done for probably eight years or so.

On 23rd December we went to Mark's Aunty's and Uncle's house for Christmas dinner with all the cousins, where in true boatie form we talked about sailing and drunken fishing competitions. Then Christmas Eve was the recently developed tradition of having dinner at my Dad's house with my Nana, Dad's wife and her eldest daughter and her partner. We did this last year and I thoroughly enjoyed it, only I was quite exhausted by the end of the night last year, so I was rather pleased when Dad suggested we start the festivities earlier this year. Again, there was a boat talk, a good amount of photography talk and lots of food talk as we enjoyed delicious oysters with red wine and vinegar jelly, and gin marinated salmon for starters, before moving on to amazing bugs and a mango and passion fruit dessert.

Oysters with red wine and vinegar jelly, and micro herbs
Gin marinated salmon with cucumber, lime and micro herbs
Christmas morning was nice and relaxing as Mark and I exchanged presents (of which none of his were surprises thanks to Baxter) before he made me the best crepes ever for breakfast! We then spoilt Jet and Baxter with kangaroo tails before leaving for Mark's parents' house where yet again, there was great food, lots of talk about food and naturally, boats. Why aren't there any photos of the food? Well, a traditional pommy Christmas dinner of turkey isn't photogenic, but it certainly is delicious, and the mango stuffing that went with it was to die for! Mark's homemade custard, made with eggs fresh from our girls (yes, the girls are finally back on the lay) was also an amazing accompaniment to the Christmas pudding.

My new Mimco wallet from Mark
We then went on to join my extended family Christmas, which I was so looking forward to, after missing it for so many years. Mark and I hadn't been able to attend this gathering for too long, in the past we have had breakfast with my Mum and sister, their partners, and where possible my Mama before rushing off to the next family do. But with the rescheduling of Christmas, Mark and I were able to spend the whole night (and some of the next morning) with my Mum, sister, Mama, AND Uncles, Aunties and cousins! It was magic!

Every year Mama gives Lissy and I a Darrel Lea Christmas Nougat Pudding. We still get excited when we open it.
Whilst it was lovely being spoilt with lots of well thought of presents (of which I can't possibly post photos of all) and we overindulged on delicious food and wine, the best part of Christmas this year was that we had time to sit and relax with family, without having to worry about getting to the next house at a particular time. There were lots of laughs, a bit of dancing, attempts at Sing Star (some much better than others) and a whole lot of love. Again, it makes me think that I need to book in regular family and friend dates to stop 2012 from running away from us.

My new perfume-there was a reason why I didn't manage to find time to shop for a new scent.
Ginger Ninjas-an awesome home made gift that were very special
On another present note-sadly there is not a photo in existence of me in my stunning red wet weather gear that was put through a good test only days ago when we sailed the boat down the coast from Pittwater to Sydney Harbour to enjoy the New Years Eve fireworks. I can assure you that for the first time ever sailing offshore I was warm and happy, and I was the only person on board with a dry bum.

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