Sunday, 4 December 2011

Perfect Preparation Equals Perfect Performance

I'm participating in the Resolution Run on Saturday 7th January 2012. My approach to this run is completely different to every other run my best friend Kylie has encouraged me to join her on. I'm training more than a month before the event, and know that I can run 5kms at the moment-at a struggle! The goal is to run 5.5kms as fast as I can. Why is the time so open? Well, I'm not a runner, and I don't want to upset my hips that are only just starting to co-operate with me after lots of chiropractic work. At the moment the goal time is a secret kept between two people. When it starts to look realistic I will share it with you. Note the optimism here. 

For every $50 raised on our fundraising page I will share amusing and embarrassing tales of my running journey so we can all laugh at me together.

With less than five weeks to go I really need to start clocking up some kilometers.

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