Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Resolution Run Training

On Saturday 7th January I will be getting up nice and early to go and do the Resolution Run. I'm running the 5.5km course and raising money for MS research.

I've been a bit slack with getting my training runs on the board. So, this morning after 30 minutes of getting my ass kicked by the best trainer in the whole entire world (she is one of very few people who I enjoy seeing at 6:30am), I did a 3km training run. Naturally I did it in the gym, in front of everyone (including my trainer) so I couldn't slack off.

I started off well, but after 1.5km my feet started to thump along and I believe I said "I'm dying" when asked how I was going. This isn't such a big issue considering my feet used to thud along after running 200m, and I've pushed the speed level up quite a lot. I'm definitely improving which is all that I can expect from myself.

After 1.5km I turned the speed down a bit, got my form back and found my rhythm. AND for the very first time, I broke through the runners wall whilst still running! I didn't slow down to a walk, I didn't stop, I pushed through it, and towards the end I felt bloody unreal! This is the runners buzz that I've been trying to get.

Tomorrow morning I am going to be super hydrated (there has been way too much celebrating with punch and champagne at my house this past week) and do another 3km run. The goal is to beat my time today which was 24minutes 35 seconds. It doesn't matter how much I improve on it, as long as it is better.


  1. Wow, you are a star! I am hanging my trainers for a while due to a dodgy knee, so run for me too ;)

  2. If I'm running for you too does that mean I need to go faster or further? :-P
    Hope your knees get better soon-swimming is always a great option, I'm just waiting for the sun to come out before I have my first swim of the season.