Thursday, 22 December 2011

Running gear

Now that I'm training for the 5.5km Resolution Run I figured it was time to get some exercise gear-and Dad told me to just go and get it as his birthday present to me. I brought my sister some gym gear from Lorna Jane for her birthday, and she loves it, so I figured it was time I get some proper gear too. The girls at the Mona Vale store were so helpful; they could tell that I was a complete novice at running and suggested that I try on some shorts. After one bad experience with shorts I've never given them a second chance, but these marathon shorts are magic! The bikepants on the inside mean there is no chafe. They are also meant to be quick drying, so they may double as my Kurnell triathlon outfit if I don't go all out and get a trisuit. I also love the top that has such a unique element to it, and doesn't look like your average exercise gear.Thanks Dad!

15 more sleeps until the Resolution Run, and I have to squeeze in a lot of training around the silly season...and a new job. I feel the need to develop an event running schedule to plan my days.

1 comment:

  1. Looking very sporty :) Love it!
    Lorna Jane is great for excercise gear.