Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Years Eve

This year Mark and I were invited to spend New Years Eve on Sydney Harbour with his parents/my soon to be in-laws. We enjoyed a day of chit-chat with friends and family, watching the pre-fireworks entertainment and then of course, the 2012 fireworks. Below are some photos that Mark captured of the celebrations. It was a wonderful day, and looking back at the photos reminds me of just how lucky we Sydney-siders are.

We were surprised and impressed by an aerobatics show
You can't get any closer to the exclusion zone than this
Well, some tried to get closer to the exclusion zone, but failed...people watching is always great entertainment
As the sun set, we watched it slowly disappear behind Clarke Island

When the kids fireworks started we were very excited about our front row center seats for the barge show
After the kids fireworks there was a commercial boat parade where all the boats were lit up
Then the photographers on the boat got artistic with the light show
Exhibit B of such artiness 
At this point I could feel the vibrations of the fireworks going off in my tummy, we were that close to the action
Happy New Year!

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