Sunday, 8 January 2012

Resolution Run


Yesterday morning I completed the Resolution Run which is a 5.5km course in 37:07 minutes. I couldn't have done it without my awesome trainer by my side, who just kept jogging right next to me when all my body wanted to do was walk. 

For the fist time in any event I RAN THE WHOLE WAY! I'm so chuffed with myself about this, and can not express my appreciation to my trainer enough.

I felt like I was going to vomit for the last 1.5km, but figured I could wait until the finish line to do so. But once I crossed the finish line I just collapsed on the grass without vomiting. My average pace was 6:42m/k which is considerably better than the last run I did  where I ran 7km in 53:41minutes; 8:20m/k.

Afterwards it took me 10 minutes to recover, before the runners high kicked in. I raced home (in the car), downed some Gatorade with a fried egg and ham on toast and then set off to compete in Hydro Derby. From one extreme to the other!

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