Monday, 27 February 2012

Bronze Cafe

After a great night out last night Mark was feeling a little rough, so my plan of an instant cure was to take him out for breakfast to a place that I've been wanting to go to for some time now, and then throw him in the surf. Salk water cures everything.

We strolled up to Bronze Cafe on Mona Vale beach-well, we strolled from the car park; walking from home would have been torture this morning-and as we approached it noticed how busy it was. Luckily we got the last table and I ordered whilst Mark took in deep breaths of the sea.

Mark had a delicious banana smoothie that tasted of lots of real bananas, and was obviously made with great honey to bring out the flavour even more. I had a berry smoothie with whey powder to boost up the protein, and we both had the special $10 chilli egg hot pot with tomato relish. Chilli for breakfast is gold!

The Bronze cafe has a great view, and a friendly easy going environment where people ask what it is you are eating because they want to order it. Breakfast is best followed by a walk along the sand before going for a dip.

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