Thursday, 23 February 2012

Oh I Want to Dance with Somebody

My amazing sister couldn't wait to tell me what she had planned for my Hens celebration, but she didn't want to spill the beans before she had booked, just in case we couldn't do it. So as soon as the activity was confirmed she called to tell me, and I was SUPER excited. It wasn't until a few days before hand that the reality  started to kick in.

The brilliant organiser of the day-words can't express the love I have for this woman!

She booked us in to make our own video clip, which was an amazing experience and I would recommend it to everyone, but I can not sing and certainly can not dance-this is evident in photos where everyone has their arms out straight, and mine are bent-blame it on tight muscles from all my working out :-P Luckily we were only lip sinking, but I must admit to being shocked that my bestie who is a talented singer was lip sinking when I was singing aloud screeching along to the lyrics at full volume. Admittedly, I had much more 'Dutch courage' than she did.

-Weeks before Whitney 'checked out' Lissy, Kylie and I chose the song, after throwing around many options. So, our video clip was a bit of a tribute, and I got to dance with a whole lot of ladies that love me, and I love them-I'm still working on getting Mark to dance with me...-

We arrived at the Show Off Productions studio where some of my friends and family were already enjoying bubbles and nibbles, and I was ecstatic to see everyone dressed in their 80s get up, particularly a dear friend of mine who made the effort to come all the way up from Wollongong (I later found out on the train!) to celebrate with me even though she has two young babies and a busy university schedule. My arrival seemed to mark the start of make up, so I sat in the chair with two other lovely ladies beside me and proceeded to be  taken back to the era of my youth. Honestly, I should have been in my prime in the 80s and not a primary school student because big curly hair is what I've got, and what the make-up artists did with my eyes was so amazing that I'll admit I would love to wear that look most weekends.

The director Brooke split us in to two groups; whilst group A was getting their make up done, group B was learning the dance moves. Of course, since I was among the first in group A to get my make-up done I watched group B learning the moves and had a bit of a laugh with everyone-until it was my turn to perform. There was no easing me in to being in front of the video camera with a group performance. No mam! Brooke asked me if I knew the words to the song, and on my response threw me in front of a video camera against a red wall all by myself, cranked up the music and told me to perform. I was terrified! But her enthusiasm instilled a certain amount of confidence in me. With my friends and family watching (and obviously freaking out on my behalf) I had to fake it until I made it. If I acted scared so would everyone else, and we would have gotten a crap video. So, I remembered the shy little school girl I was that had a heap of drama classes to bring out my confidence, and I played the part that I was given-Whitney. My Diva character was on, it took a lot of sparkling wine and self talk, but even when I was shitting myself and wanting to run away and hide from the camera my family and friends thought I was loving it. As for my solo part, I'm not sure if I honestly enjoyed a second of that, but once we were dancing and singing together as a group we were all having an absolute ball! And that was when my real Diva joined us. Watching all the girls slowly gain confidence and eventually not be able to wait before bursting on to stage was great, and we all had an amazing time despite our initial trepidation.

All of us are eagerly awaiting to see the DVD.

Mad Pizza-more family joins us to celebrate

Still on a high from making the video clip we headed over to Mad Pizza in Darlinghurst for dinner. I had heard good things about this restaurant, and drooled when I wound the window down to take in the aroma as I drove past it a few weeks ago. Boy did this pizza joint live up to expectations! Every pizza I ate was delicious, the salads were something special and the hen did not have the same cocktail twice despite being double parked on many occasions, and even triple parked at one stage (those blurry eyes didn't create themselves). Those on special diets due to serious food allergies enjoyed the vegetarian gluten free pizza-and those without food allergies said it was delicious!


The next destination had to involve more dancing and drinking of course, it was a hens day after all and it had well and truly turned in to a hens night by then. We all strolled to The Burdekin where my Aunties grabbed a table  and some chairs, whilst others staggered downstairs to the loo. This is how we stumbled upon Eli's birthday party, and he insisted that I bring my hens party to join him, the music was considerably better downstairs and based on the negotiations that he would clear his friends off a bench so my very pregnant bestie could sit down (official delivery date only 10 days away and babies head well engaged), we took him up on his offer. I danced with everyone, including Teresa who glided up to me and said "I have to dance with the hen" only moments before we did so much booty shaking that Kylz told her to calm down so she didn't have the baby on the dance floor....after all my negotiating that she needed a seat.

Kylz, Mum and Teresa on the dance floor

There are so many stories to tell, and loving conversations that will stay with me forever, but there are many details that will never be written in a public forum as laws may have been broken. I've always known that I have some very special and amazing ladies around me and I'm so glad that so many of them shared such a momentous event with me, AND that a really special person was able to celebrate the whole thing with me.

Best cousins ever (and my gorgeous Aunty)

It is the people around you who make life special, and it's a shame that we ladies only do big crazy things like this when one of us is getting married. So many people have said to me "the tall girl from Wollongong, what was her name again? Lisa? She is lovely" and "the Irish girl, her name was Niamh right? She was so much fun" and "your pregnant friend Teresa is amazing". I know all this already of course, I'm surrounded by amazing women, and I'm pretty chuffed that they all think so highly of each other.  I'm thinking I'm going to have to break the tradition that is currently restricted to hens parties, I just don't know how or when yet. Be prepared ladies, I intend on leading you astray again, because Saturday was too good to experience only once oxox 

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