Thursday, 12 April 2012

Casa del Mar

The view from our quiet end of the beach where we would lay back and relax by day, and sit at the tables at night for dinner.

'Welcome to Casa del Mar' was the loud and very warm welcome we received as our taxi pulled up in front of the large timber doors that mark the entrance to a magical resort. Unlike checking in at all other hotels we were seated in a large comfortable leather lounge whilst Chicka sat with us to complete all the paper work. We were served cold face towels and ginger tea which were both very well received as the heat certainly did hit us on arrival.

Whilst checking in we were asked why we were holidaying, and when Mark and I said it was our honeymoon the staff were honestly shocked and genuinely joyful for us. Then someone disappeared and came back with some red roses for me, and by the time we got up to the room our bed was already set up with love swans and our welcome letter had obviously been changed in an instant to read “congratulations on your marriage, and thank you for choosing to honeymoon at Casa del Mar”. Small touches like these that make such a big difference continued throughout our stay.

Love swans.

Our room always smelt amazing, and was filled with aromatherapy. Whether it was the soothing conditioner that I washed my hair with, or the room turn down service that included burning oils and candle flame dancing to jazz music, every tiny last detail was thought of. Every sense was soothed.

Best bathroom products ever, the aromatherapy was such a small touch, yet so indulgent.

When we organised activities through our hotel we were treated like royalty by drivers and tour guides, and it turns out that Casa del Mar is owned by one of the Malaysian Kings, so I guess that explains the extremely high standards of service. That said, the standard taxis drivers were also very friendly, talkative and informative, and it was more like having a tour guide than a taxi driver.

The best part about Langkawi and Casa del Mar was that all the staff are extremely happy, friendly and helpful. The food is delicious, and I thoroughly enjoyed curry for breakfast on more than one occasion.  The home made jams and freshly baked bread and pastries were also delicious.

Home made bread AND home made jam for breakfast

Curry for breakfast AND lunch. Well why not?

After having days full of activities we finally managed to have time just lounging around, both in our room, where I could easily be found swaying in the hammock on the balcony enjoying a G&T, and on the beach enjoying the resort. We were surprised when fresh fruit was delivered to our beach-side sun lounge. Later in the day we enjoyed delicious mango ice blocks which the resort made from freshly squeezed mangos, they were unbeatable!

The Life!

Grandma will be happy to know that we enjoyed freshly squeezed juice every day
Casa del Mar is a boutique resort that doesn't have many rooms, and as a result you get to know your fellow guests if you spend enough time around the bar, or go on group activities such as the Sunset Cruise on Capricorn II. Mark and I met some lovely English couples of similar age to us, and simply being at the bar at the same time together and enjoying a few drinks and conversation really made the holiday that extra little bit special.

New found friends and drinking buddies enjoying the Sunset Cruise regardless of the rain.
I've always wondered why people go back to the same holiday spot time and time again, and don't explore other places, but after a week at Casa del Mar I could very easily come back in twelve months time, or tomorrow....Mark and I want to get a fish on the wall. We already miss Casa del Mar.

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