Monday, 21 May 2012

DIY Wedding Invitations

It turns out I have a few readers who aren't my family and friends, so to those of you who flatter me so much with your interest I will give you some background info to this post. The wedding invitations I am finally posting about were sent to our guests some time ago, in fact Mark and I have been married for over a month now...eventually I will post some stories and photos of the wedding. Our florist was A.MAZ.ING so I want to share her work with everyone.

Cutting nice straight edges

Mark and I do enjoy a bit of DIY and with weddings being ridiculously expensive as it is we figured the invitations were something we could enjoy making and save a bit of dosh on. I probably shouldn't share that Mark pretty much took over my project, but it involved laying things out which he has a great eye for, and the bit I was most looking forward to; the wax seal which naturally required fire. I should have known I wasn't going to get to have all the fun with that part.

We purchased the paper and slide cutter from a large stationary store, and wax seal from Wax Seals Australia who were very helpful in telling me how much wax I would need to do the job. They also delivered two days after I put in my order.

Me making wax seals-I felt like an ancient VIP

Mark and Nadene-are sealing the deal

Thank you cards are still on our to do list. People told us that we would feel like we had so much spare time when the wedding was over, but I'm beginning to think that none of those people are in agency work or try to meet builders deadlines. Hopefully we will get on top of everything soon.

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