Friday, 18 May 2012

Not your typical Saturday night out

Cowl by Jen Geigley, courtesy of Ravelry

After 2 creative days at Semi Permanent I was out at a pub last Saturday night and commented on a friends shawl. Turns out she made it, and before we knew it we were looking at a knitting website on our smart phones just before pumpkin hour-we are 29, not 92. There are so many great patterns on this website (some free, some at a low price) which I've joined. I'm also going to join a stitch, drama and dinner night in a few weeks with said friend who has recruited me. Now comes the very difficult decision of what to make? And the joyful anticipation of being surrounded by people that have the same urge to make stuff as I do.

Some of the old fashioned ways of life were the best and it just feels good when I embrace them-and yes, I would love to have my own lamb for wool and meat.

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