Sunday, 24 June 2012

Langkawi cable car

Whilst on our honeymoon-which seems like a whole lifetime ago-Mark and I went up the mountain at Langkawi on the cable car. The view from up there was amazing!

View going up the mountain in the cable car.
From the top of the mountain you could see all the islands that surround Langkawi, which was a great comparison after we had island hopped on a boat days earlier.

Islands of Langkawi
The sky bridge was another story! I told Mark that I wasn't exactly confident in the construction and maintenance of the bridge and he assured me that it was fine. Since he is a Draftsmen and works with engineers drawing buildings all day I figured I should trust his expertise. So we stepped out on to the bridge at which point a big gust hit and I casually commented to Mark that I know structures like this need to have movement built in to them, but that was a hell of a lot of movement. At this point he tried to hide his shock, but I can read him like a book.

Langkawi sky bridge

The first glimpse as we walked out to the sky bridge.

Not long after the big gust and shaking bridge Mark spotted the hand rails and took photographic evidence of the lack of maintenance on the bridge. My assumptions weren't so wrong after all, and suddenly my concern was justified-I didn't say "I told you so", just in case you were wondering.

No maintenance-perhaps I wasn't being a major drama queen.
The viewing platforms.
The viewing platforms were a much more comfortable place to enjoy the scenery and we did hang around on them for quite some time.

If you are visiting Langkawi, going on the cable car and getting to that height to enjoy the environment is a must. Going on the sky bridge isn't essential, even though I treasure the sights were saw out there. I doubt I would do it again without significant structural maintenance being completed on the bridge.

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