Saturday, 23 June 2012

MS Fun Run

My time

This is a seriously delayed post, but none the less here is it. So, I did say I'd be happy if I finished the run in under 55 minutes, and obviously I didn't. Am I seriously disappointed with my time? Mostly not. Regardless of my unconventional preparation, it was wet, and after my last stack in the rain I have to confess to being a bit cautious. 

I have finally realised that I don't hit my running rhythm until about 3kms, the first 3kms for me are always awful and full of self talk like "why am I doing this again?". Unfortunately for me it turned out that the 3km mark was just about when everyone came together to go up one flight of stairs, and since everyone went out hard at the start they used the stairs as an excuse to walk-it took a lot of self restraint not to turn in to personal trainer mode and motivate everyone up those steps. These people were seriously hard to get around and whilst I tried to jog up the stairs and break in to my rhythm I wasn't going to elbow people in the ribs to get out of my way.

The start. Photo by Mark.

My hat goes off to my little sister (she is pint sized as well as younger than me) who with no training and very bad knees only finished two minutes after me. She is one determined little lady. Being sisters we are able to be completely honest with one another, so I confessed to being bummed that she was so close to me, and it is good that I made this confession as she reminded me of one very simple yet true fact. She said "Deana, you are not a runner, you never have been" and she is completely right (as usual), as a kid I couldn't run and would always finish years after the other kids at cross country. So I need to be proud of myself for striving to do something that doesn't come naturally and realise that I am making progress, albeit slow.

So, from this run there was a big high five and lots of respect, as always, for my little sis, and a big thank you for the reality check that you can only get from those that love you.

If you look really hard you will spot my sister and I. Photo by Mark.

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