Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Singapore and the highlight; Iggy's restaurant

Right from the beginning of our Singapore experience things just felt good. It is a clean, friendly place where the locals are happy to help tourists and share the history of the place they call home.

No small detail is overlooked. This became evident upon departing Singapore (from our quick overnight stop before returning a week later) as we sat in the lush tropical koi pond that is inside Singapore airport whilst waiting for our flight.

I think it is fair to say that the highlight of the trip was Mark's birthday dinner at Iggy's restaurant. When asked, a well travelled gastronomy friend of mine recommended Iggy's, and she excelled herself.

Iggy's isn't just a restaurant, it is a theatre as well. The image you see of the kitchen below is what you see moments before your meal is brought to the table. The rest of the time the sliding opaque glass doors hide the magic. This touch of drama adds to the anticipation.

A glimpse of Iggy's kitchen

Real black truffle!!!

Orchids of course, Singapore is the city of orchids.

First dessert; Flower

Second dessert; Chocolate

The happy married couple with very happy palettes from the Gastronomic menu with wines

Mark's surprise birthday egg with chocolate crumble and gold leaf

The only way to crack a chocolate egg-with a golden hammer of course!
So the photography skills on my dodgy old camera phone aren't so great, but the memories are captured and shared all the same. You really need to look at Iggy's menus to understand the experience we had, but the starter of sea urchin with truffle that came out under a glass cup to keep the aroma in deserves a special mention, it was amazing. I smelt it coming to the table and got excited, but when the glass was removed that was a whole other story, if my nose was any closer to the plate I probably would have ended up eating without utensils. This dish set the scene for the whole evening. The foie gras, oh my gosh! That was the first time I've tasted that delicacy and I hope it won't be the last.

Mark and I were extra spoilt at Iggy's; Mark got his surprise birthday egg, and we were given beautiful gift bags with delicious chocolates in them to take as our honeymoon gift.

If you are in Singapore for a special occassion Iggy's is a must!

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