Friday, 29 June 2012

Sunset Cruise from Casa del Mar, Langkawi

Langkawi sunset viewed from the cruise boat

The all inclusive Sunset Cruise at Langkawi was unbelievably enjoyable, and to be honest, I think Mark and I really enjoyed stepping on another persons  boat and being looked after as we are normally a) the hosts on the boat or b) on the boat with family and help out. This time we just sat back, relaxed, took in the scenery and enjoyed a lot of alcohol whilst meeting new people.

The weather turned nasty and a rain squall came through, yet all the same it was still extremely enjoyable, we simply ate our yummy dinner sitting in the cabin, and hey, when you are with a group of poms you have expect that the rain will find them.

When the rain stopped we stepped back out in to the cockpit and awed at more islands and the gorgeous sunset. It was truly a memorable evening, and just what every honeymooning couple should do.

Sunset Cruise 'Crew'

This was another very special gift from our cousins, the Lees.

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