Wednesday, 4 July 2012

My Local Market

A full and healthy market basket-Over the Moon milk and Leaning Oak feta

The Beaches Market started just before Christmas with a few great stalls and showed plenty of potential. Now it is the place to be on a Friday. It is held next to the Pittwater Rugby Park from 8am to 2pm every Friday. 

Since my first visit I have been raving about the 'Over the Moon' unhomogenised milk that has a delicious thick layer of cream on top, and now my family that lives in the area are also enjoying it. Last Friday it was great to see little toddlers strolling off towards the stall saying "Mummy, we have to get the yummy milk!" and all the locals were chatting to strangers about the other produce like the delicious charcuterie delights available from Steph's Gourmet Foods.

Saucisson, chorizo and duck pate from Steph's Gourmet Foods

This new market has added more than just a great, friendly place to buy fresh and support the growers, it has given me a real sense of community and I can't wait for Friday to come around for the next exploration where I will buy some of the delicious home made cheese I tried last week.

Why aren't there any photos of the market day I hear you say. Well, it turns out I have been listening to a few photographers too much, and since it was grey and glum when I left the house on Friday morning I left the camera at home. As they say "light is everything".

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