Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Seafood Paella

The other night I made seafood paella for Mark's and my dinner. It was delicious! I used a recipe from MOVIDA by Frank Camorra and Richard Cornish as a guide. I made their MOVIDA Paella but since I was only cooking for two I removed the rabbit, periwinkles and mussels which also removed the need for two additional pots. What stayed was the delicious herbs and spices (with the addition of smoked paprika), prawns, squid, firm white fish and broad beans. This is generally how I cook as I can't be bothered measuring things out and I just go by what smells and tastes good during the process.

The happy cook, keen to eat this dish.
I also simplified the recipe by purchasing good quality fish stock from the seafood shop-you can not beat a home made stock when you have time to make it-and was able to get some prepared sofrito out of the freezer which meant that the very low level of effort that was put in to making this dinner made it even more rewarding when it was time to eat it. Mark even said, and I quote "this is restaurant quality". Of course it was, I was inspired and guided by MOVIDA!

Some of the ingredients-herbs from the garden are rosemary, thyme and parsley; Tasmania Mures fish stock, Seville Estate Chardonnay, Santo Tomas paella rice, Essential Ingredient saffron and Australian garlic from Elmswood Farm

For me, the hardest thing about making paella is not stirring it, you have to let it rest and I'm a chronic stirrer (when cooking and pushing my loved ones buttons for a laugh), so risotto is the perfect dish for me, but I resisted the need to stir and created a delicious paella that I will make again.

Yummy enough to make Baxter lick his lips-that's my cheeky boy

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