Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Book review: You Belong to Me by Karen Rose


You Belong to Me written by Karen Rose is an engaging read that keeps you thinking and second guessing who done it. It also has well developed unique characters that you come to love.

Lucy is the local state mortiary manager with a dark history that she is completely unaware of. Her issues with her father and past relationships have left her single for years, and she has created her own family of friends including Thorne and Gweyn with who she co owns a night club. People flock to hear Lucy perform in this other world that she keeps secret from her professional life. Until bodies start turning up for her, delivering messages that have followed her from her teens to her professional and her club.

As genuine nice guy and damaged Inspector Fitzpatrick tries to catch the serial killer leaving bodies scattered all over the place for Lucy love blossoms between the two of them. But this isn't just a love story, it has blood, guts and friendships that are truly valued. 

I think I might just be reading more novels by Karen Rose-not to mention that this one was a bargain on Google Play.

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