Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Grounds Market

Last Saturday The Grounds at Alexandria held their first market. I was privy to this information and taken there by my coffee, food and market loving sister who is a PR genius (she has no ties to this event). 

Waiting for our delicious coffees-love the exposed beams on the ceiling too.

The atmosphere was uplifting for the soul with live music, and a joyful buzz filled the air as everyone enjoyed a gorgeous spring day outing surrounded by like minded people.

The Grounds kitchen in full swing.

The stores are only just starting, so there aren't many but Sky Parlour had some great pieces, that I found myself saying "I want that" about. Not like the boring old high street where Mark and I have been struggling to spend our wedding gift cash on a special piece of furniture. There was also a delicious selection of strawberries and macaroons up for the tasting.

Photograph taken with HTC One X and edited in Photoshop.

There was a Kindy Farm that even the big kids were enjoying and  my sis surprised me by being interested in the baby chicks, maybe because she eats eggs now, and the chicks are super cute.

As sisters we have lots on common, and we have our differences. But this day really pointed out how similar we are getting as we both grow up-I think people are continually growing and since we are smidgets we grow internally to make up for the lack of height. Thankfully our growing appreciation of fine food, coffee and wine isn't effecting the size of our pants just yet.

Butifarra negra (blood sausage) from Salt Meats Cheese and The Grounds muesli.

The day influenced lots of meal ideas as we were inspired by new ingredients. My sis is going to throw a mystery bag at my husband and he is looking forward to the challenge. I love how my favourites have so much in common and we all bring out the best (and worst drinking behaviours) in each other.

Best sis ever with colourful, flavoured pasta that will be in the mystery Ready, Steady, Cook bag.

Family, friends, food, drinks and sunshine. What more could anyone want?!

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