Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Coffee Brothers

Coffee Brothers very quickly became my favourite cafe in the Northern Beaches; I started singing their praises from the very first time I walked in and the smell of perfect coffee hit my nostrils. The best part is, they are in Mona Vale!

You see, I have been known to walk in to a cafe, desperate for a caffeine hit, and yet refuse to purchase a foul smelling coffee. The first few times this happened Mark thought I was being precious, and thus ordered himself a coffee.He has since learnt that if my nose says it isn't good when I walk in the cafe, then it isn't worth drinking. 

Why does the coffee smell so good at Coffee Brothers? I hear you ask. Because they ROAST THEIR OWN BEANS!!!

Coffee Brothers are the sole Australian importers of Vanuatu Gold coffee. It is said that the amazingly smooth and complex flavours that this bean posses are due to the fact that it is grown close to a volcano. I've said it many times before that Coffee Brothers has the best coffee in the Northern Beaches and it seems that The Coffee Guide has recently given them the recognition they deserve.

Porter filter used as table number.

The service is also super friendly, and Tony (one of the 'brothers') loves to talk about his passion with Mr Nadene who took to roasting his own green beans a few months before Coffee Brothers opened. So now the added beauty is that we can get green and roasted beans from Coffee Brothers just around the corner from home, and learn about coffee from a better educated enthusiast-who has obviously gone pro, and very successfully might I add. 

The food does play second fiddle to the coffee which is the obvious star, and meals don't come out of the kitchen quickly. But whilst you wait you get to enjoy the great atmosphere and culture whilst enjoying a nice slow breakfast. There is always something for the eye to see; porter filters that have been put to use as table numbers, light fittings and a water filter out the front; re-used coffee bean bags that form cushions on chairs; strangers interacting, and very often our new friend Tony making new friendships with his happy customers. The breakfast menu consists of tasty classics that are given a special touch like their egg and bacon roll with homemade tomato relish which is del.ic.ious!

Porter filter used as a light fitting.

Sadly Coffee Brothers are on holiday until 7th January, and I'm betting there will be a cue of regulars at the door as soon as the shutters go up. Hopefully by then the weather will be all summery and I can sit and enjoy a slow cold drip espresso....I might even manage to take a photo of my food before hoeing in to it, so you can see what the meals look like.

For those of you that have read my post about going caffeine free; these guys are responsible for when I do indulge in coffee. These days, if I can't have the best coffee, there is no point drinking it. I purely drink it for the flavour-which makes the rare caffeine kick super powerful :-)

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