Thursday, 17 January 2013

Hydro Derby

If you don't know what Hydro Derby is, it is a fishing, drinking and fancy dress competition that is held annually on Pittwater. This year, is the first time we have an all girl crew. And this is our team entry:

Hydro Derby Team - Pussy Power

Marvel Girls of The Marvel Universe
These fierce women are secret agents and a force to be reckoned with.  You may have seen them in The Avengers, Fantastic Four, or X Men; they met in S.H.I.E.L.D. Strategic Homeland Intervention , Enforcement and Logistics Division. They never take on a mission that they can’t successfully complete.

Making her first appearance at Hydro Derby without her love interest (and dead weight) Black Widow is a freelance agent, expert tactician and supreme drinker due to her Super-Spider Serum that makes it very difficult to get this bombshell intoxicated. Fish and men will be left defenceless to her famous Widows Bite.

Another well seasoned Hydro Derby lifesaver; Valkyrie’s tissue and bone are several times as dense as the mortal equivalent which makes her resistant to most forms of injury, so she isn’t scared of drinking too much and falling down six flights of stairs at the after party. When not travelling by boat Valkyrie rides her black Pegasus, and wields a large mystical sword that she uses to cleave the enemy in two. With the sudden increase of sharks looking for a feed on Sydney’s beaches, Valkyrie might just bag a new species for Pussy Power with said sword, and they could be enjoying sashimi for lunch. These girls certainly are the top of the food chain, and they aren’t afraid to show it.

You could be mistaken for thinking this is Mystique’s first appearance at Hydro Derby, but some may say she is an old salt. Mystique is a mutant shape shifter. She may even pose as the competition; drink nothing, catch nothing, and leave their team mates none the wiser. Damage to her biological tissue is known to heal at a relatively fast rate and she can form a resistance to poisons upon contracting them; Stolis pose no threat to this blue beauty. Mystique is a cunning strategist in ‘commando’ operations. She has a talent for finding, stealing, and understanding cutting edge weaponry, but don’t try and question her if you misplace your tackle box.

Spider Woman’s superhuman strength, endurance, reflexes and speed come from the irradiated spiders’ blood running through her veins. Naturally she can spin a web to trap any unsuspecting creature, be it her recently attained fiance, fish or thy enemies. Anglers enjoying the fine fishing amongst Pittwater moorings should be weary of webs that will leave them trapped in fish barren waters.

Our final two team members will shock our competitors with their powers, and reinterpretation of all rules, not just those pertaining to Hydro Derby. No amount of warning will prepare HD competitors for these women who have broken the mould. Bumblebee is a sexy little thing with a whole lot of cheek, she can transform into whatever she wants to, and she certainly has slipped into something a little more comfortable for her first appearance at Hydro Derby. She is a valuable team member as her tank certainly can hold a lot of alcohol. The most shocking addition to the team is Super Woman who decided to jump ship when she heard a few Marvellous Women were recruiting members for their picturesque Pittwater Mission. Superman may think he has a spy within our ranks-more fool him-Super Woman knows what she wants, and no one is going to stop her from drinking from that infamous pale. 

Black Widow-courtesy of Marvel

Spider Woman-courtesy of Marvel

Mystique-courtesy of Marvel
Valkyrie-courtesy of Marvel

Bumble Bee-courtesy of Marvel

Super Woman-courtesy of DC
 Wish us luck!
And yes, I realise this is the polar opposite to my last post.

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