Friday, 31 May 2013

Me Day

I'm going to start this post with a bit of a disclaimer; like when I was planning for our wedding I was determined not to let this blog become all about wedding stuff, and now that I'm pregnant (yes, I'm 24 weeks along) I'm not going to let this blog become all about my pregnancy and then all about my labour and then all about my children-because I'm honest enough to say that I'm sick of seeing peoples' posts on facebook being all about their kids, and the fact that my life could soon be all consumed by Little D scares the shit out of me. Even my playroom which is being turned in to the nursery isn't losing my art and craft table because I'm determined to still be me as I'm certain that will make me a better mother and role model for my children.

OK, so lets get on target for this post. Yesterday I had my first full blown psycho-pregnant-lady emotional melt-down. I noticed that things weren't good around lunch time and tried to call my husband. He wasn't available to talk to, so I went back to work and progressively got more and more frustrated by peoples' stupidity-this isn't a new thing, it was just more exaggerated yesterday than most days as I was tired and ravenous (despite eating enough for a small village) which are two things that always lead to me being intolerant. On a 'normal' day lots of people will comment on how great my patience is.

By the time I finished work all I wanted to do was go home and hide from the world, but I had to go and buy groceries for dinner and after that joyous experience of dodging rude, slow ass people who want to couple shop and take up the whole god damn isle I didn't know if I wanted to punch the living crap out of something, scream or cry. So I went home, blew a gasket at Mark (because I couldn't blow up at clients and colleagues at work or the idiots in Woolworths), demolished a whole packet of Twisties before dinner, watched Offspring and then cried my little pregnant hormonal heart out to Mark about what a mess the house is in and how I'm too tired to fix it but I can't relax because it is all so terrible AND everything is all his fault. TOTAL over reaction and I'm still apologising to him for being such a bitch.

So, after I got all that mountain out of molehill stuff out of the way we decided that I wasn't going to go to work today, I was just going to have a 'me day'. Which obviously involved getting the house in order so I can relax, so whilst I've been pottering around vacuuming and tidying I also went and did my first prenatal yoga class. It was EXACTLY what I needed, not only did it stretch out my ribs which have only just started to move and expand (hadn't read that anywhere yet-not that I'm over researching) but it also helped me get my head back in a sane zone and I'm feeling a peace with the world again-hippie shit I know.

The morale of this post? Don't let things get to breakdown point before you take some seriously needed 'me time'. The world doesn't stop if you don't go to work for one day, but you can turn in to a pretty shitty person if you continue to push through until breaking point. And my biggest achievement in the last 24 hours? Not feeling guilty about taking a day off to have time for myself.....and if you're wondering, no I didn't chuck a sickie, I called work and simply said that I wasn't coming in and took a leave day, which I'd bet has stopped me from getting sick.

This Me Day has been so successful I'm wondering when I might schedule in the next one :-)

P.S. Don't judge me for any baby brain lack of writing skills.

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