Saturday, 8 June 2013

Little D I Love You, But You're Slowing Me Down

Pre-pregnancy strength. Photo courtesy of Live Life Fitness.

Training yesterday morning was a big nasty wake-up call that all the beautiful changes happening to my body during pregnancy are also a pain in the ass-or lower back as it was when I was trying to swing a 16kg kettle bell over my head. I could do it, but my lower back was saying "enough already women, I can't take any more" and at 25 weeks and only 5kgs heavier I had to concede and swing the 12kg kettle bell. At first I was cranky. Really cranky. My trainer even commented on how happy I looked (we are both great with sarcasm) but eventually I decided to be positive about the things I'm still doing.

For months people have been telling me what not to do; don't stretch, you shouldn't still be training, don't lift a 3kg box. Seriously, most new borns weigh more than 3kgs, would you tell a new mother not to pick up her baby? All this over the top protection and old fashioned beliefs push me even more to do what I can. Yes, I'm stubborn as all hell. And since I've had multiple midwives and doctors tell me to do what ever I like and keep exercising as long as I'm not hurting myself I continue to push myself. And I'm feeling good. Push ups with an extra 5kgs are harder and I can't do as many as I used to, but I can still do them. I can't run as fast as I could six months ago, but I can still go for a light jog, and according to the medical professionals staying fit and strong isn't just going to help me through child birth, but give me the base I need to get through the hardest part-the first 3 weeks living with and caring for a little person. I can't wait to meet Little D, even though I know I'm going to lose one of my favourite things; sleep.

I'm also looking forward to teaching Little D to have a similar approach to life as this pregnancy has taught me; listen to peoples' opinions and accept the fact that most of the time they are blissfully uneducated, research things yourself and ask experts to discover the truth, and just because others underestimate you it doesn't mean you can't prove them wrong time and time again. My baby is going to be fit, healthy and happy just like its Mum. How can I be so sure? The midwives keep telling me what a great, healthy heart beat my baby has, and I know that Little D loves to dance and kick box for hours.

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