Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Crazy Lady in the Backyard

Chinese Cabbage seedlings-four days after planting seeds!

Yesterday I took the covers off the seed raising containers to water the seeds that I planted a few days earlier. I was expecting to see seed raising mix, so you can imagine my surprise and enthusiasm when I saw tiny green shoots emerging from the soil. Only four days after planting, the Chinese Cabbage seeds have sprouted! How does this relate to the title of the post? Well I may have done a little victory dance and song out the backyard with Baxter (the cheeky black Labrador) that went something like "We have Chinese Cabbage, we have Chinese Cabbage, only four days and we have seedlings, hey, hey, hey, hey" (sing it like this). And then I heard my less than enthusiastic for life neighbour out in her back yard. So I'd say we both think the other one is a nut case. I don't care, I'm excited that I'm seeing the fruits of my labour so soon, it's not the labour that we're all waiting for, but this is the first little step towards the new role I have set for myself.

Very soon I will be a full time Mum, and hopefully I will be raising a well balanced, healthy, intelligent child. But I will honestly confess that the thought of not contributing an income to my family household is something that worries me slightly. I'm torn between my old fashioned values, and my modern, independent women. So my plan to combat this is to be so brilliant in the garden that I can feed my family delicious, organic vegetables straight from the backyard, thus reducing the need to buy food-yes, basically embracing more of my old fashioned self. It wasn't so long ago that we had at least one item from the veggie garden in every dinner we ate, so now my self laid challenge is to have lunches and dinners that are predominately from the backyard-including eggs from the chickens. So I have a lot more planting to do today, and that means that I still have more clearing of the neglected veggie patch to complete.

Today I will be clearing out a wine barrel, filling it with soil, building a trellis and planting bean seeds at the base. Hopefully all before a birthday lunch date with Grandma that I'm really looking forward to. Sadly we haven't delivered on Grandma's request of a baby for her birthday yet...who knows, Little D might be following in her parents' footsteps; being a smart ass, and come just before midnight tonight. Only time will tell.

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