Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Enjoying the Process

Yesterday I had my 40 week pregnancy check up at the hospital and was told that Little D was not showing any signs of wanting to come out yet, so the midwife told me to make sure I had something scheduled in every day this week, or it will feel like a month. I already had a walk scheduled in, but the rain kept me indoors, so instead I painted.

I haven't painted for ages, was feeling a complete lack of creativity and had no confidence in my ability to create something good. Honestly, I was worrying about wasting a $5 canvas. But then I was told to "enjoy the process" and reminded that you can paint over the canvas with gesso and start again. So that is what I did, I found an artwork I liked, just got started recreating it and enjoyed the process without worrying about how crap the thing I created looked. It didn't need to look exactly like my inspiration, that wasn't what I was trying to achieve. And in the end I created something that isn't too embarrassing and I had a lovely afternoon doing it.

Yesterday reminded me of how much I enjoy being creative, and that I need to make things more often. I'm a women of many interests and I need to be careful that I don't lock myself in to one at a time and then get thrown when something interferes with it; such as my current obsession with veggie gardening and yesterdays weather. Whilst I'm glad that the veggie garden has finally gotten a good soaking all that rain stopped me from getting out there, and I needed a push up the bum to do something else I enjoy doing. Who knows, maybe I need to make Mondays my music and painting days...and maybe in a few days, a week or two I won't have time to scratch myself yet alone pick up a paint brush.

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