Friday, 6 September 2013

I'm Nesting

Yes, I'm nesting, but as expected all along my type of nesting doesn't involve scrubbing benches. Housework has never been my thing, and sadly we have proven that even a baby isn't going to change that. My kind of nesting is happening in my favourite place, a place I haven't really been enjoying for a long time and had forgotten how much joy it brings me. I'm nesting out in the garden.

I have made a start on clearing out the veggie patch, which is a job that I'm doing a little bit of each day (Little D is taking a lot of my energy for herself these days and not leaving me with much) and yesterday I planted six different types of cherry tomato seeds as well as Chinese cabbage, silverbeet (because the chickens love it), zucchinis and cauliflower. I could have kept going, but I used all the seed raising mix we had in the shed. So I'll give you one guess as to where I'm planning on going before I do the grocery shopping today. If you guessed Flower Power you would be very right.

From little things, big things grow-we hope! Silverbeet, Chinese cabbage, zucchini and cauliflower seeds.
I have capsicum, carrot and bean seeds that need planting, and I want to get some cucumber seeds. "Your veggie garden isn't big enough for all of that you silly pregnant lady" I hear you say, and you are dead right. So the plan is to grow the zucchinis, cucumber and beans up trellises. In the past we have found that one cucumber and one zucchini plant gives us plenty of produce, so that is all I will plant. I also have 2 wine barrels that were the essence of my first produce garden in our first house so I'm going to be bring them back in to commission so to speak. One will be for beans and the other one will probably have some of the many varieties of tomatoes that I've sown seeds of.

I'm also seriously hoping that all my seedlings take off really well and I can give some tomato plants to family and friends, fingers crossed.

I'm really looking forward to being a Mum (to a real live human baby and not just my adorable fur babies) and teaching my kids about the joys of gardening, where food comes from, and for the day when they take an interest in collecting the chicken eggs and picking strawberries out of the veggie garden. Anyone that knows my Labrador Baxter knows that he is a genius at picking ripe strawberries and tomatoes, so I obviously have some skills at passing on my food and garden enthusiasm.

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